Pure, inborn, and Native, This band is heavy, trippy, and has a wide sound that melts into liquid gold. Always straight to the point, the songs capture the personality of each member at all times. This clash of egos creates an “end of the world” type of tension and depth. Just like Close to the Edge and Fragile, they are a constant, gyrating, overlapping machine that is made up of each member’s intent to try and overpower the last. This formula births the most sincere approach to playing music and really leads to a new, original, and unpredictable sound. The mixing of peculiar attitude and teasing the ones you love, only on stage. These guys are nice, polite, young, intellectual, political, and opinionated among many other things, and we love it all. The combination is an explosion of awareness. Native have started to stand up for what they believe in. Listen to the new album this summer and join the revolution. These are songs for tomorrow written before yesterday. In between the lines, that narrow channel bridging life and death. It’s the only way one can go that far and not be afraid for their life. Not even with nn-DMT, folks.

Music. The trance involved in it. We see this let go and we surrender to Native‘s live performance. We leave it all behind and embrace the inner experience we all carried yet forgot to tend to. We really enjoyed this show. It became clear to us pretty quickly that their sound cannot be contained. Five years later, Native return to their favorite Montreal venue to shed their skin and show us their souls. This was a special night and I’m glad we were able to capture it on tape.