From the opening notes of the title track, you realize Why Aren’t I Home? is gonna be one of those records that brings you to your knees, swallows you whole and leaves you in awe. It’s one of those surprises that defies all expectations and leaves you shaken. It’s one of those albums that reminds you why it is you listen to music in the first place. Produced by Gregory Dunn (vocals / guitars for Moving Mountains), ATHLETICS’ debut rises to heights impossible to resist. The crystalline guitars and pulsating bass lines, the soaring vocals and tortured lyrics, the sweeping chords and cascading climaxes, the pounding cadence of the drums…it eventually takes you. No, you aren’t dreaming. It’s possible to be this hard and this melodic, this mesmerizing and this melancholic all at the same time. It’s possible to rock just as much as you post-rock. It’s just beautiful, the dual tone and stories told are exquisite. Nothing is off, there’s nothing to add. Every song on the album takes flight with awe-inspiring riffs ripped straight from the pages of the band’s Handbook On Raw Emotion. ATHLETICS blend styles and sounds with an uncommon depth to form a carefully constructed, cohesive work of art deeply rooted in power and conviction. An absolutely stunning, mature debut that will transcend time and genre. Fucking epic.