Alberto Alaska

Rochester, New York is renown for it’s pop-punk, metal, and hardcore scenes. While those giants battle it out for a chance in the spotlight, a small movement of post rock and alternative bands have begun to create something new for the Flower City.

Alberto Alaska, create their sonic foundation within the dual lead guitarists, who paint the frame work for a driving bass and a powerful percussive element. Combine the music with the lyrical journeys and the over all effect gives the listener a satisfaction that can only be quenched with the dynamic complexity of their work. The bands latest release, True North EP, received local acclaim and further established them in a scene laden with pop-punk and metal.

Local music writer, Roman Divezur, had this to say about the band, “A meltdown of atmospheric and progressive styles that’s typical of the post-rock genre. Alberto Alaska is a young band that can build a song into a hazy climax and burn it with a mid-tempo groove…this band is neither hard nor heavy nor wrong. It’s like a wall-of-sound with chops on the side.”