Our Goal

Having dedicated my life to making music, I’ve learned a ton. This production and recording studio was built considering many of the issues I ran into as an artist. Quiet Country Audio provides you with everything you need. From audio production to graphic and web design, including photo and video production. All of this at world-class quality and a budget you can afford.


We are stacked with top of the line modern and vintage recording equipment to help you bring your music to life. Hosting a live room that’s over 500sqft (created by renowned studio designer John H Brandt) and walls lined with new and vintage amps, keyboards, drums, microphones, and pedals, you will have access to any creative tool needed to fulfill your vision.


With over 20 years of experience in touring, performing, and recording, our experience will help you make something you are proud of. Consider us a passionate temporary additional member of your project, not just someone getting paid. With a heavy focus on pre-production, we can identify which parts of your songs need to be improved. Whether it’s extra harmonies to give a chorus that special lift, changing song structure to make the song hit harder, or re-writing a section altogether, we are here to help. You’ll always have your mom to tell you that a song “sounds great!”, but it is our job to make sure it does.


We can accommodate any project when it comes to mixing. Whether you chose to record with us, at another studio, or on your own, we can increase the quality of your project and get it to the next level. Hosting a 32 channel Chandler Mini-Rack Mixer summing amp at the heart of our studio means your audio gets sent through 40 amplifiers and 44 transformers, providing unmatched warmth and sonic fidelity you can’t get anywhere else. We have a great system to get your mixes to you fast, in a way where comments and edits can be done efficiently.

Voice Overs / Podcasting / Audio Book Production & Editing

With the recent surge in popularity of new audio platforms, we are well equipped to help your product stand out amongst the crowd. Our live room can create a great visual backdrop and our top of the line microphones and outboard gear make sure your signal gets captured right and sounds great.

Graphic Design

Sharing a space with the recording studio is renowned graphic designer and illustrator, Ryan Besch. His company, ​Your Cinema,​ has an extensive client list spanning over 30 years that includes everything from The Black Keys, Phish, Relient K, Nitro Snowboards, Santa Cruz Skateboards, and even Dogfish Head Brewing. This means that you won’t have to look elsewhere for any of your project’s design needs.

Photography & Video

Building a career by touring the country as a photographer, Brett Ballachino knows how to give artists the right visual platform to promote their art. With an impressive client list including Super American, Cute is What We Aim For, Save Face, and many more, Brett has proven again and again his dedication to the craft and quality of work. Whether you need some promotional photos, a touring photographer, podcast production, or music videos, he can deliver.